Home on Altamount Road Too
Mumbai, India
2016 – 2017

Overlooking a lush garden, this family home opens its windows to the landscape below and the skyline of Mumbai down the hill beyond. Designed for a family of three, the social spaces are arranged to offer casual comfort for daily use and generous hospitality during gatherings with friends and family. Separated from the living and dining space by a folding wall meticulously crafted from thin, translucent sheets of marble and old Burma teak frames, the study doubles as an additional guest room or a secluded media space. When open, these rooms seamlessly flow into one another offering both generosity of space and a strong visual connection.

Framed with the same teak border, each room is both part of the whole and unique in its individual character. Soft gray limestone and yellow Jaisalmer marble floors are set in like carpets in the bedrooms while the study is inlaid teak in a herringbone pattern. The surface of the open living and dining space is poured in terrazzo and rectangular Makrana marble tiles. Rooms are detailed with custom made lights, handles, knobs and switches in patinated satin nickel.

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