Farmhouse in Kamshet
Kamshet, India
2019 – Ongoing

Located at the foothills of the Western ghats, the site is a 22-acre farmland in Kamshet, a small village on the old highway between Mumbai and Pune. The expansive acreage sits at the edge of the Indrayani river and floods during heavy monsoon rains. Designed in collaboration with Andy Hamilton and Adrienne Thadani, the landscape is an integrated system to divert the water and make the land both inhabitable and more productive for agriculture.

Commissioned by a multigenerational and still growing family, the farmhouse will be built with locally sourced materials such as bricks, reclaimed teakwood, and terracotta roof tiles. Under the expansive timber roof structure, rooms are loosely arranged around the courtyard, weaving routes between spaces and through open passages and verandas.

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