kizikula guest houses
Zanzibar, Tanzania
2016 – 2019

Built from the coral limestone of the island, the guest houses at kizikula are a collection of simple structures that foster a sense of community and form intimate spaces for social interaction, meditation, intimacy, relaxation, and pleasure. Set back from the shallow cliff to the west and the turquoise waters below, each building houses sleeping, changing and bathing spaces and is entered through a deep covered veranda. This interstitial space provides shade, comfort and privacy to the rooms within and also creates an informal outdoor living area surrounded by gardens.

A farm to table restaurant sits at the heart of the public space and is encircled by the kitchen, open timber pavilion, swimming pool, and the beach beyond. Simple cantilevered concrete staircases slip between the rough stone volumes and lead to open rooftop terraces where guests can enjoy the gentle sea breeze, beautiful sunsets, and the incredible vastness of the starry night sky.

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