[Prime]al - An exhibition on fine jewellery
Mumbai, India

For Studio Renn

Case Design approached the project from the lens of cyclicity and transience. The primal and the present were contemplated along with the precious and the priceless. Whilst the materiality was interpreted from the client brief - the duration of the exhibition, local sourcing, and end-of-life use became important factors for both material-specific decisions and broad design considerations. Hand-rammed earth blocks are enriched with select natural additives, whilst bamboo and rice gently hold and display the jewelry. The blocks will subsequently be returned to earth- transitioning to nutrient-rich soil for planting, and the rice will feed local birds. The exhibition apparatus was understood to consist of multiple objects of contrasting value and scale coexisting together. Eventually, this apparatus will merge/ dissipate into the natural, whereas the objects on display shall exist in perpetuity.


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