Home on Nepean Sea Road
Mumbai, India
2018 – 2021

Meticulously finished with laid in-situ mosaic terrazzo, walls painted in a soft grey, and doors and windows made from Valsad teak, this weekend home was carefully crafted for a product designer and her family who reside in Surat. Reconfigured after stripping the existing flat down to the bare structure, the spaces were arranged to enable social connectivity, cross ventilation, better utility, and framed views of the Arabian Sea.

The selection of materials and the meticulous design of details reflect the family's love for Indian craft and create a vibrant and cheerful home. The colorful mosaic terrazzo floors are composed of eight different kinds of Indian marble and limestone, framed by thin brass strips. The stone was broken into varying sizes and emphasizes the natural edges and shape of each particular piece. They were then carefully arranged to create patterns that highlight their color, figure, and nuanced variations.

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