Prize for Contemporary Craftsmanship

The trophy is designed to incorporate a symbolic baton crafted by the previous years’ recipient; and the passing of the baton- from one craftsperson to the other- is envisaged to be a gesture that builds a larger shared legacy of craftsmanship. Precisely milled from a steel billet acquired from the JSW Vijaynagar Works the trophy draws from the billets’ formal and material qualities. Carefully hand finished and lacquered, the metal surface shall oxidise slowly and naturally over time. In selecting material, process, detail, texture and finish, the baton offers the previous recipient an opportunity to reveal and share visual and tactile qualities of his/her craft with the current winner. It suggests collaborative practices and future networks within the craft landscape.

Trophy produced by Case Design. Baton designed and crafted by Maximiliano Modesti, Kalhath Institute- Winner JSW Prize for Contemporary Craftsmanship 2018

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